TSplus Remote Work

When you can’t be at the Office, Take the Office with you!


Simple. Secure. Familiar.

It starts with the need to connect. It ends with easy remote desktop access to the console session of your office PC.

At every point between, Remote Work offers users and administrators a safe and simple tool set that enables users to keep being productive and administrators to keep corporate data secure.


Out of necessity, millions of workers have been dispersed from their classic central office surroundings.

The cost and logistics of duplicating software licenses alone can be enormous.

Using Remote Work to access corporate desktop PCs can save organizations enough money in licensing costs to pay for itself on the first day of deployment.


A single server at the corporate office running the Remote Work server software is the key to getting started with Remote work.

It acts as a gateway, brokering connections between remote users and their office desktops.

The gateway is also a web server, offering an easy to use, secure web portal (which can be enhanced with 2FA). A small connection client installed on the office PC performs all the client configurations silently in the background.

For Administrators

The Remote Work Admin Tool is fast to install and easy to configure. No Windows Server roles to install.

Admins get a streamlined interface with all the primary tools right up front and easy to see – From License management to web portal customization, Remote Work keeps management simple.

For Users

Remote Work gives users the ability to remotely access their office PCs via any device and any web browser.

More than that, it connects them with the same session they would normally see when they are in the office.

This familiarity not only keeps training costs down, it keeps users comfortable and more productive.

A link to the corporate web portal and their login information is all they need to get started.

For Businesses

From licensing, to training, to IT infrastructure expansion costs – having remote staff can get complicated quickly.

Remote Work gives organizations an all-in-one solution for keeping users connected to their office PCs.

And it does it all with competitive licensing costs, low training requirements and often with no IT infrastructure changes required.

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TSplus Remote Work
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