Comprehensive Security at the Gateway

Proactively stop malware, hacking attempts, phishing schemes and other threats before they reach users’ devices.

Next-Generation Filtering

Get a handle on every rogue application, encrypted web request, malware distribution point, drive-by malvertising attempt, and rash of spam.

Deep Analysis and Insights

Gain insights in real time from database-driven reports without the need for a separate appliance. See the network status at a glance on the dashboard, ensure compliance with full event logs, and get notifications of network anomalies or unusual user behavior with alert rules.

Superior Connectivity & Performance

Meet the challenges of a remote workforce, branch offices and guest Wi-Fi. Keep users and data safe regardless of location or level of access. Balance competing priorities, ensure Quality of Service (QoS) and maximize uptime while saving the organization money.

Can your employees work productively from anywhere using voice apps on their smartphones?

Conduct remote business meetings via web conferencing without requiring apps?

Service customer requests via website live chat? 

With 3CX PBX they can do this and much more. The freedom of choice doesn’t end there, with 3CX you can choose to deploy on-premise on Windows or Linux, in your private cloud account or opt for 3CX to host your PBX for you. Whatever your preference, you are guaranteed to have professional support and quality. Get 3CX proof your business today!


Slash your phone bill and communications costs

Never miss a Call – Use Android & iOS apps application on your phone, even if you are out of office
Status, Chat, Click2Call, CRM Integration

Your mission-critical data, always available

  • Backup and recovery solution that always works 
  • Full ecosystem compatibility

One solution, seamless deployment 

  • Works across any cloud, virtual or physical environment
  • Meet your requirements today and in the future

Fewer resources required 

  • Reduce administrative overhead and labor costs
  • A single platform supporting data backup, recovery and management

Audit and Compliance

Provides General Data Protection (GDPR) compliance capabilities and data security with Veeam DataLabs™ and Veeam ONE™

Disaster Recovery

  • Granular restores of VM directly from agentless backups
  • Instant recovery of all VMs
  • Automated disaster recovery testing of VM backups
  • Minimize downtime and disruption using integrated bare-metal disaster recovery, physical to virtual (P2V) and virtual to physical (V2P) recovery

Cloud Data Protection

  • Instant Cloud Recovery integrates with Azure Site Recovery to provide a DRaaS with near-zero RPO and RTO
  • Certified cloud connectors for all major cloud vendors
  • Support for all AWS cloud storage tiers
  • Optimize storage costs and bandwidth with in-line deduplication

Security and Compliance

  • Ransomware Resilience protects your backup data from external attacks
  • Ensure your data is compliant in every location
  • Ensure your data is compliant with GDPR Guard
  • Store credit card transaction data securely

Easy to use

  • Manage your entire data ecosystem from a single console
  • Eliminate need for multiple point products
  • Set up backup jobs in a few clicks
  • Easily track every backup, replication and recovery job

IT Resilience

The only all-in-one IT Resilience Platform, converging Disaster Recovery, Backup and Cloud Mobility in one simple, scalable platform.

Cost Effective

Reduce cost and complexity of application migrations and data protection with Zerto’s unique platform utilizing Continuous Data Protection.


Orchestration built into the platform enables full automation of recovery and migration processes.

24/7 Control

Analytics provides 24/7 infrastructure visibility and control, even across clouds.

Ready-to-Deploy Applications

We maintain a library of over 250 ready-to-deploy popular applications so you don’t have to. When a new version of an application is released, updates and tests them and makes them available as soon as possible. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Set it ‘n Forget it

Never miss a critical patch again! Common applications (including Windows Monthly rollups) can download automatically and deploy on your schedule or even when offline targets come online when integrated with PDQ Inventory. Rest assured your patch updates are going out even when you are not in the office. Isn’t it time for that much-needed vacation?

Deploy Almost Anything

Silently deploy almost any Windows patch or application (.exe, .msi) to multiple Windows PCs simultaneously. Deployments can install, uninstall, execute scripts, reboot, copy files, sleep, send messages, etc. Instructions and files are sent to the target computer, executed, monitored, and reported.

Multi-Admin Access With a Shared Database

Share deployments, schedules, lists, and even preferences between PDQ Deploy consoles by creating a server/client relationship. Processes are initiated via either the console or Command Line Interface (CLI) but use the Server’s database. Why do all the work twice?


Report on the exact data you need with the built-in reports or create your own using filters or SQL. Reports can be printed, exported, saved, or even emailed on a regular schedule.

Inventory Tools

Tools represent commands that can be run against individual computers or groups of computers. Some tools are built into PDQ Inventory and others are external. In Enterprise mode, additional custom tools can be added for any command that can be run within Windows. PDQ Inventory will execute the tool and send in the computer’s name (or other information).

Intelligent Data Tracking

Out of the box, computers are automatically grouped based on common data. View computers that have the same installed applications, hardware, operating systems, and even Windows updates. Additionally, create groups based on your own criteria.

Integration with PDQ Deploy

Easily identify which computers are out-of-date and use PDQ Deploy to deploy to those particular PCs. Automatically update PDQ Inventory directly following the deployment. However, best of all is automatically deploying when a computer goes from offline to online in PDQ Inventory.


NetSupport Manager is designed to work over a LAN, WAN or the internet, with support for both TCP/IP and HTTP communications (and even legacy IPX and NetBIOS support).

Multi-platform support

Remotely support any Windows, Mac, Linux (legacy) and/or Chrome OS desktop, as well as a range of mobile devices, from your Windows PC, Mac, Apple iOS/Android tablet or smartphone.

Manage devices simultaneously 

NetSupport Manager provides one-to-many support, not just 1:1, meaning you can scan and view multiple screens in sequence via unique real-time thumbnails.

Systems management

From detailed hardware/software inventory, and grouping devices into a clear hierarchy to remote command prompt and registry editor, gain a detailed overview of your IT infrastructure.

Email, calendar, contacts and more

Kerio Connect is an award-winning, messaging and collaboration solution, that meets the needs of small and mid-sized businesses by offering a robust feature lineup.

Instant messaging

Instant messaging with Kerio Connect is flexible. It is built in to the Kerio Connect Client and also supports all XMPP chat clients.

Mobile device support

Offer your users smooth and seamless support for their mobile device of choice.

Admin friendly server and user management

Administer email, calendaring and other critical functionality easily and efficiently.

High availability

With high-availability, if a crash or failure occurs your second Kerio Control machine jumps into action. Users see no drop of service. You have no vulnerability exposure.

Next-generation firewall capabilities

Kerio Control brings together next-generation firewall capabilities — including a network firewall and router, intrusion detection and prevention (IPS), gateway anti-virus, VPN, and web content and application filtering.

Simple and secure VPN

Link headquarters to remote users and branch offices securely and easily. Kerio’s own VPN tunneling with dead-simple setup requires minimal configuration, and provides a high-performance network connection. You can also use industry-standard IPsec/L2TP for connectivity from mobile devices or third-party firewalls.

Unmatched Quality of Service

Easily prioritize and monitor network traffic to guarantee high-speed transmission for the most important traffic types. Internet Link Load Balancing optimizes Internet access by distributing traffic across multiple links.


  • Monitoring and alerting you about uptimes and downtimes or slow servers
  • System health monitoring of your various hardware devices
  • Network device monitoring and bandwidth accounting
  • Application monitoring
  • Monitoring virtual servers


  • Service level agreement (SLA) monitoring
  • System usage monitoring (for example, CPU load, free memory, or free disk space)
  • Database performance and table values monitoring
  • Email server monitoring and reviewing various backup solutions
  • Monitoring your network’s physical environment


  • Classifying network traffic by source or destination, as well as content
  • Discovering unusual, suspicious, or malicious activity with devices or users
  • Measuring Quality of Service (QoS) and Voice over IP (VoIP) parameters
  • Cloud monitoring services
  • Discovering and evaluating network devices


  • Collecting system information for various hardware types
  • Finding unexpected relationships between your network components to detect potential security issues and assessing the real usage of your network and hardware
  • Fail-safe monitoring using a failover cluster setup

Domain Services

stores centralized data and manages communication between users and domains; includes login authentication and search functionality

Certificate Services

creates, distributes, and manages secure certificates

Lightweight Directory Services

supports directory-enabled applications using the open (LDAP) protocol

Rights Management

protects copyrighted information by preventing unauthorized use and distribution of digital content

Office 365 Subscriptions

Office 365 is Microsofts subscription-based version of its ubiquitous office software suite. Access to all the familiar programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, plus much more is available without the large, one off purchase price of days gone by.

Being cloud based Office 365 is accessible from anywhere. If you’ve got an internet connection and a device then you can access Office 365. The gives complete flexibility for businesses with remote employees, multiple locations or companies with employees that travel a lot.

The subscription model means that you are constantly up to date too. Microsoft are consistently adding to and upgrading the Microsoft Office suite. With a subscription the whole business will always be on the latest, best version. The updates install automatically with no need to roll them out; so no uninstalls and re-installs to do.

Industry Leading

Cross-Platform DLP
Discover, monitor, and protect your sensitive data with Endpoint Protector, advanced multi-OS data loss prevention.

Device Control

Lockdown, Control and Monitor USB and peripheral ports to stop data theft and data loss

Content-Aware Protection

Content inspection and contextual scanning of data for removable devices and applications like Outlook, Skype, Dropbox and others

Enforced Encryption

Encrypt, manage and secure USB storage devices by safeguarding data in transit. Password-based, easy to use and very efficient

Advantages for your Company

  • Assistance with regulatory compliance
  • Help with fulfilling GDPR obligation
  • Fast full-text searching for emails and attachments
  • Protection against data loss
  • Reduce the workload of email servers
  • Save up to 70% storage space
  • Simplify backup and restore
  • Independence of cumbersome PST files
  • Eliminate mailbox quotas
  • See all advantages

Supported Email Systems

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 20031, 20071, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019
  • Microsoft 3652
  • G Suite
  • All IMAP or POP3-compatible email servers
  • MDaemon, IceWarp and Kerio Connect
  • PST, EML and other email files
  • Email clients such as Microsoft Outlook
  • See all technical specifications

TSplus Enterprise Edition:

  • Easy management. Robust security. Cross-Platform compatibility.
  • Brings scalability.
  • Advanced Remote Desktop and Application Publishing
  • Tools you need to operate TSplus in a Multi-Server environment
  • Farm Manager and Load Balancing

TSplus Enterprise Plus Includes:

Cyber crime is one of the greatest threats to an online business.
Enterprise Plus will protect your TSplus servers from online criminals and will create a secure environment for your users.

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Ultimate Protection
  • Server Genius
  • Virtual Printer

Features Overview

  • Homeland Protection
  • Brute Force Defender
  • Global IP Management
  • Permissions Control
  • Working Hours Restrictions
  • Ransomware Attacks Shield

Stop Ransomware Attacks*

Ransomware is the most significant of today’s cyber threats. Attackers can encrypt or even permanently delete your data. Paying the ransom is no guarantee that your data will be restored. The best way to deal with ransomware is to stop it before attackers have the chance to disrupt your server. TSplus Advanced Security Ransomware Protection will efficiently detect and block ransomware attacks.

TSplus Advanced Security instantly warns you as soon as it detects a ransomware activity on your system, providing you with the list of the infected items to quarantine. You get detailed information about the attack source to avoid this issue in the future. You can easily whitelist the programs you know as safe via the “Advanced Settings” tab.

TSplus Enterprise Edition:

Out of necessity, millions of workers have been dispersed from their classic central office surroundings.

The cost and logistics of duplicating software licenses alone can be enormous.

Using Remote Work to access corporate desktop PCs can save organizations enough money in licensing costs to pay for itself on the first day of deployment.

Maximum Performance. Guaranteed

Diskeeper & V-locity are now DymaxIO! Boost Windows & SQL application performance at least 30-40% or more. DymaxIO fixes Windows performance problems such as application slows and freezes, at the source.

Instant File Recovery

Undelete recovers deleted files from network drives & servers instantly. It’s quick – no need to go to backup. Increase your security, protection, & reliability with Undelete.

Key Features


Employee Monitoring

Monitor employee activity with customizable reports to identify team, department, individual level productivity, social media use, time spent on projects, apps, and more.

User Behavior Analytics

Identify behavior anomalies and uncover potential threats in real time. Get fully customizable alerts with full audit trail and video recording of all user actions.

Data Loss Prevention

Leverage Teramind’s industry-defining DLP features such as OCR, fingerprinting, and content discovery to prevent malicious or negligent data exfiltration.

User Activity Monitoring

Monitor and control user activity to ensure compliance with internal security policies and regulatory requirements.

Compliance & Audit

Ensure ongoing compliance for GDPR, HIPAA, PCI and much more by identifying and alerting user to non-compliant actions with real time alerts.

Insider Threat Prevention

Automate risk detection and block unwanted employee behavior. Teramind uses smart rules & alerts to always keep your organization safe.